W3D Release FAQ
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The official release of the W3D is almost a month away! Recently, we have been getting a lot of questions regarding the launch, so we put together this FAQ to help answer all of your questions about the W3D.


Q) When / where will the W3D be released?

A) The W3D officially releases on Tuesday, September 29th – it is currently available for pre-order on the W3D Amazon Page. After its release, the W3D will be available exclusively on Amazon.


Q) What are the specs of the W3D?



5.5" Glasses Free 3D eye tracking 1080p IPS LCD display


Custom UI built on Android 4.4 Kitkat


MediaTek MT6595 2.0GHz 8-core processor




16GB micro SD expandable up to 64GB


5 MP infra-red eye tracking front camera and 13 MP rear camera


4,000 mAh removable battery; lasts for 5-7 hours of continuous 3D gaming, over 24 hours of normal cellular usage.



Supported Frequencies

LTE 4G: LTE TDD & LTE FDD (China, Europe, US)

3G: China Unicom 3G & China Mobile 3G (China, Europe, US) 2G: China Unicom 2G & China Mobile 2G (China, Europe, US);

GSM: B2, B3, B5, B8;

WCDMA: B1, B2, B5, B8;

TD-SCDMA: B34, B39;

LTE FDD: B1, B3, B7, B17;

LTE TDD: B38, B39, B40, B41



Q) Will there be any customization options for the W3D (colors, engraving, etc.)?


A) On release, there will not be any customization options for the W3D. This could change in the future, depending on interest.


Q) Where will the W3D be shipped?


A) On release, the W3D will be available exclusively through Amazon. As a result of international and federal policies, we are only able to ship the W3D within the 50 United States.


Q) Will I be able to use the W3D outside of the US?


A) Yes! The W3D comes unlocked out of the box; as long as your network’s frequency is supported as shown in the device specs, you can use the W3D internationally under your preferred network. However, the US version of the W3D will only be shipped from Amazon within the 50 United States.


Q) Who should I contact if my W3D experiences technical difficulties after it’s shipped to me?


A) Snail will be running a dedicated tech support line for our hardware upon release, details and contact information will be available on our website and social media pages in the near future.


Q) What apps can I download on the W3D?


A) The W3D runs on Android 4.4 Kitkat, which means all mainstream app distribution platforms, including Google Play, will be supported on the device. Additionally, due to the W3D’s 3D display, 3D apps, movies, and television shows will also be supported.


Q) Will the W3D’s controls work with this game?


A) You can set the W3D’s controls in-game with its visual button mapping software, or you can set controls for individual applications and games with the “KeyDIY” app included with the device. You can check out our video tutorial on the W3D’s button mapping features to learn more.



We hope that answered most of your questions about the W3D’s release! If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to Tweet at us or send us a message on Facebook!